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Hey guys! i just completed your game. it's really beautiful. 

i didn't have any issue, it's one of the most prettiest games to look at.

i hope you do more levers or a history or at least another beautiful game. Teally guys, i congratulate every one of you for doing something so nice.

Amazing :)
Thank you very much!

Jeah, let's see, maybe we add someday something :)

This game is beautiful. I played it all the way through. I liked the music the most. It made me feel quite relaxed. Thanks for making it.
Also I made a video for it as well. So if your interested you could check it out.

Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and making a YouTube video! That is very cool that you like the music so much. We will tell it our sound designers :)
Also, we are sorry for the problems with the green moving stones in the level. We will look into that and refine it. Thanks again for playing.

No problem. In general I had still a fairly good time. So, I hope you and your team much success with this. Cause It was super relaxing.

I was intrigued by the aesthetic of the game, and I wasn't disappointed ! The game is beautiful and very peaceful.

I would finish the game but...I ended up stuck in a rock so I couldn't (see picture). It's pretty sad.

I think it's a good game - with good music and really pleasant graphics - but it needs some refinement to be great - like the handling which is too slippery, or the red part which I think is really creepy compared of the rest.

Keep up the good work ! With the next updates, I'm sure this game will become a true hidden gem ! ^^

Thanks for playing Falling Awake! :)
Sorry that you experienced such a bug. You can always restart the game from the menu, just press ‘start’ on the controller or ‘Esc’ on the keyboard. We will fix this bug with the next update.
Also thanks for sharing your mentioned improvements, we will take them into consideration.

I've been following FA since you put it up here and played the first Mindful build. I thought there's potential and it's great seeing the progress so I said it's time for coverage. :) Keep up the good dev work! 


Thanks for playing our game! Sorry for the small bug you experienced. We will definitely have it fixed in the next build ;) . Also, thank you for sharing your future expectations we will take them in consideration. Enjoy playing and stay healthy!