A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Step into a world between dream and reality where your imagination is the key to everything!


In the 2D Platformer Falling Awake  you accompany the little girl Maya Mindful on her journey through a beautiful and magical world. 


In the magical world of Yumera the source of all imagination got destroyed, leaving it still and lifeless. Only within the reach of Maya’s imagination time can flow as normal, awakening the world to life.


Use the contradiction of imagination and time to explore Yumera and collect all fragments to repair the source of imagination. Only then the world can come back to life.



Programming - Carina Krafft, Julius Hartmann, Tobias Fox

Art - Elin Meinecke, Renata Samà

Sound Design - Xuecong Chen

Sound Composing - Leonhard Wolf,  Xuecong Chen

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Jul 15, 2020
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsNo Time, E.Meinecke, Cyberfox7, r3tana, J. Hartmann, c4rina
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Cute, Exploration, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


Mindful_GDD 19 MB
fallingAwake_game_2_0.zip 270 MB
FallingAwake_Wallpapers.zip 9 MB
fallingAwake_game_mac_2_0.zip 267 MB
FallingAwakeInstaller.exe 191 MB

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really enjoyed my time with it, but I could not figure out my abilities. I implore you to add more tutorials, with actual descriptive text and then a sample puzzle. I really had no clue how to properly use anything! Lots of potential here, great music and art style 

Trying to play this game, but for some reason the colors are inverted and once I press start the screen goes black :/

Hey there :)

Thank you for this post! This is of course not the intended behaviour. On which platform did you tried to launch the game? If on Windows did you downloaded the installer or the zip file?


I tried to play it on a Mac. 

When i press sapce it doesnt jump, the menu opens, im on a mac, what do i do?

Thanks for asking this question :)

Sorry to hear, that there are problems with the controls. Pressing space should indeed trigger the jump! It's the first time we hear this feedback.

Please try using an external keyboard on the mac or use an XBOX/PS4 controller. If this doesn't work, maybe you have access to a PC with Windows, so you can use the Windows-version of Falling Awake.

Please consider, that during the start screen in the bedroom there is no jump possible. The jump will be activated after the game starts (when Maya goes to bed).

We hope this will fix it and you can enjoy playing Falling Awake. Otherwise, feel free to write back.


nice game

Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and creating a Youtube video!
We hope you had fun while playing the game :)

I don't know what the "unfold" tutorial message was trying to tell me.

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Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and for your comment!

With this introduced input action you can open the map. Depending on your chosen input type, it is:

XBox-controller:           Back/View button (left centred button)
PS4-controller:              Touchpad
keyboard + mouse:      Tab

Enjoy playing Falling Awake :)

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Hey guys! i just completed your game. it's really beautiful. 

i didn't have any issue, it's one of the most prettiest games to look at.

i hope you do more levers or a history or at least another beautiful game. Teally guys, i congratulate every one of you for doing something so nice.

Amazing :)
Thank you very much!

Jeah, let's see, maybe we add someday something :)

This game is beautiful. I played it all the way through. I liked the music the most. It made me feel quite relaxed. Thanks for making it.
Also I made a video for it as well. So if your interested you could check it out.

Thank you very much for playing Falling Awake and making a YouTube video! That is very cool that you like the music so much. We will tell it our sound designers :)
Also, we are sorry for the problems with the green moving stones in the level. We will look into that and refine it. Thanks again for playing.

No problem. In general I had still a fairly good time. So, I hope you and your team much success with this. Cause It was super relaxing.

I was intrigued by the aesthetic of the game, and I wasn't disappointed ! The game is beautiful and very peaceful.

I would finish the game but...I ended up stuck in a rock so I couldn't (see picture). It's pretty sad.

I think it's a good game - with good music and really pleasant graphics - but it needs some refinement to be great - like the handling which is too slippery, or the red part which I think is really creepy compared of the rest.

Keep up the good work ! With the next updates, I'm sure this game will become a true hidden gem ! ^^

Thanks for playing Falling Awake! :)
Sorry that you experienced such a bug. You can always restart the game from the menu, just press ‘start’ on the controller or ‘Esc’ on the keyboard. We will fix this bug with the next update.
Also thanks for sharing your mentioned improvements, we will take them into consideration.

I've been following FA since you put it up here and played the first Mindful build. I thought there's potential and it's great seeing the progress so I said it's time for coverage. :) Keep up the good dev work! 


Thanks for playing our game! Sorry for the small bug you experienced. We will definitely have it fixed in the next build ;) . Also, thank you for sharing your future expectations we will take them in consideration. Enjoy playing and stay healthy!